Community Art Projects

Mom's-group-3 Moms-group-1 Mom's-group-2 Mom's-group-4tree-banner-2 Tree-banner-1
clouds-1 closeup-clouds

Butterfly websiteCIS-quilt

Bird-Mural-upbirds-library-B birds-library-4

1) Facilitated a Mom’s Group Art Project at Cardel Place: Hand-painted  tote-bags. Here are four of the participant’s creations!

2) Tree banner at Calgary Islamic School. Grade 5 class Feb. 2013

3) Dream Clouds project at Almadina School Jan -Mar 2013

4) Butterfly banner: Calgary Islamic School Girls’ Group/ 2012

5) Girls’ group Quilt:  the Calgary Islamic School/ 2013

6) Falconridge Mural. Collaboration with Falconridge residents who filled in the bird outlines with their own designs… based on the concept of patterns & textiles. A few close-ups of birds are here as well/ 2011

7) Ceiling tiles in the library: Girl’s group at CIS/2012

8) Southland Leisure Centre Mural, done with the Calgary After School kids. Each teen who participated, designed and painted their own “star” bubble / 2011

9) Cherry Blossom Reiki room/ 2011


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